Oh well…

The last time I posted here I was promising to get better about posts, post more regularly, get back to regular posts and recipes… As you can see, the opposite happened.

To be honest, I don’t even know where September has gone, not to mention, that we are in the middle of October already. Just recently someone posted that it’s only 10 weeks until Christmas… Really? Really?!!?!? How has that happened? I still remember baking my first gingerbreads last year in Saigon!

Royal palace during stormy weekend

I need to slow down a bit because at moments I feel like I’m losing the ground under my feet. At moments like this I wish I was a bear getting ready to hibernate during winter. That I could slow down and the autumn season would help me to do that thanks to rainy days that don’t let you do anything else than stay at home reading book and making a big pot of soup.

Living in tropics is not that easy from this perspective – the inside ‘non-tropical’ set-up makes you go 110% all the time, not allowing yourself to just do nothing – the sun is shining so spending time at home reading a book feels like a waste, especially when there is really only the weekend when I can run around all my favorite markets, organic shops, restaurants, ice-cream spots…

Fish and frogs at the market

Faces of Cambodian life

First there were two lazing around…soon there were four of them!

Luckily, Cambodia is also a place where there are a lot of holidays and luckily one of them are coming up after this weekend! There are 5 days ahead of us that me and Todd will spend in coastal town Kep. Among hills and greenery, watching the sea from our balcony, eating freshly caught crabs at the local crab market. You can’t even imagine how excited I am!
I plan to read a book I started last week called The Glass Palace situated in Burma, India and Malaysia and read more about Burma – the new country of 2012 that I’m heading to in few weeks! And of course spend some time exploring recipes that don’t require oven and are not heavy on ingredients.

Amitav Ghosh – The Glass palace

These are the things that caught my attention over past few weeks, it’s a mix, enjoy any piece of it.

This healthier take on pumpkin bread by Naturally Ella.

Interesting article on current photography styles. Which one do you like the most?

Juice vitamin boosters for any weather or season.

My dream kitchen – those who follow me on Facebook know it already :)

I have to make it to India in 2013!

Happyolks and Sprouted kitchen in a video together = love!

Katta’s blog. She is one of the contributors to new kids magazine Egres

I hope I’ll make it to Lebanon once (at least!) and do some kind of food tour there. For now, we can at least try to win this amazing Lebanon food trek with Taste of Lebanon.

More soon, from Kep, promise! K x


2 thoughts on “Oh well…

    • Nemas za co Kati, tvoj blog patri medzi moje najoblubenejsie, najma posledny maminovsky post, ale ved to vies :) Musim to tu zaktivnit, len nejak nie je casu …

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