I’m a bit late to this game, but in the end, who cares, it’s better to start a week late than not at all.

Since Zoe was born I’ve been thinking about how to ‘document’ her in a more structured and organized way. I take loads of pictures of her on daily basis, but with the amount, I feel a bit overloaded. Like if the moments got lost with the amounts somehow.

And then I found a post by Katta in my feed at night, when I couldn’t fall back to sleep easily after feeding Zoe. 52 weeks project it was. I decided that while doing picture a day like Georgia from Documentin delight does (please check out the blog if you haven’t already, I love it so much!) is totally impossible, doing a picture a week seems about right. Gives me a reason to take a lot of pictures and opportunity to go back to them to pick the one I love the most. Moreover, we got a new camera for Christmas and I just would love to use it a bit more, since over last year I took pictures with my iPhone only.

So here is the first picture representing the first week of 2014. Zoe and Todd sleeping jet lagged in our bed back in Singapore. 
This little lady has two passports and already flew across continents, not even seven weeks old at that time. 
I hope for her life to be at least as adventurous as the first weeks of it.


“Portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014”


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